$99+ Purchase on Amazon Prime & Get 5000 Amex Points (see pro tip for additional savings*)

American Express is offering select American Express Cardholders: 5,000 American Express Membership Rewards Points (~$50) w/ Purchase of $99+ on Amazon Prime Membership using your enrolled card.

Steps to get this offer:

  1. Login to your amex account and proceed to offers page.
  2. Find if Amazon prime offer(Spend $99+, get 5,000 Membership Rewards® Points) is there.
  3. Click “Add Card Here”.
  4. Offer valid through January 31, 2018.

Pro Tip:
Save additional $20 by creating an account on ibotta and get your Amazon prime membership through the app.
ibotta will send you $20 Amazon gift voucher which will make 1 year Amazon Prime membership to $29 (considering 1 amex pts = 1 cent).

I would say an Awesome deal 🙂

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